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** Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) – New Brunswick, – Live Interview by Anne Godin

** Le Journal Saint-François, Valleyfield, Quebec (interview with Mario Pitre, October 2016)

** Series of conferences given in Germany in both English and French languages. Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2014), Germany

** Le Progrès de St-Léonard, page 3, interview with Jean-Simon Fabien, Montreal, Quebec (November 2013)

** Le Courrier de St-Hyacinthe, Interview with Jennifer Blanchette (April 9, 2015).


** Interview with Jean-Baptiste Collet and Raphaël Berland from « Cercle des Volontaires » for the Channel agoravox.tv, Paris (France), April 7, 2014.


Here are some reviews of our books:

Alice in the land of cybercriminals

Alice in the land of cybercriminals is a thriller which leaves nobody indifferent. The author uses all her talent and experience to inform the readers on juvenile cybercrime. The information that we discover throughout the novel particularly in the form of press clippings makes your blood run cold simply by reading it. I learned a lot of things on the hidden face of these heinous crimes that destroy too many lives. And the surprising, the criminals get out of it too often cheap. And they do it again …

Besides informing, Alice entertains us at the highest point. Be careful, you won’t be able to leave this book until you finish! Trust me. The plot takes us into a mysterious and captivating world. Why these murders? Why these disguises?

It is largely thanks to technological gadgets that hacker Mars can solve the investigation.

Very ingenious.

Having written Oil Last Call, the author makes a strong comeback with Alice in the land of cybercriminals. I already look forward to her third thriller. We become very quickly addicted on Andrée Décarie’s novels …

S. Beauregard, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Oil Last Call

Here is a punching book, which features an international conspiracy to hide the truth about the oil shortage.

Éditions Révolte invites you to discover a new kind of thriller: “Oil Last Call.” that will certainly captivate you and provide a lot of information…

Éditions Révolte’s mission is to enable creativity and inspiration to communicate with the world in revolt to the restricted selection of commercial interests.

Why oil prices always go up?

This topic which concerns everybody will explain a lot about the oil crisis in which all of us are already involved.

Between Tom Clancy and James Bond, Oil Last Call is taking us all over the world through a spy thriller where hackers play a decisive role.

A rude awakening is expected!

In addition to the oil crisis, you will be captivated by browsing the pages of the thriller “Oil Last Call.” To read in one go.

Oil Last Call clearly demonstrates the impacts of the oil supply difficulties, amazing prices increases of gasoline, bankruptcy of airlines companies, workers riots; all events directly related to the oil peak as many unexpected rebound and chaotic situations that are staged in the action illustrating the energy crisis.

The author and speaker Andrée Décarie takes advantage of her extensive international experience in analysis of information systems and fraud investigations in the energy sector to describe a vivid picture of the events surrounding the oil crisis.

James Amherst, literary agent